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Here is some information about the KidSafe team:

Mike Collins - technical director
Mike is in charge of software application development and is the original KidSafe inventor. He has many years of experience working with the windows platform. If he has any spare time you might find him on the side of a mountain, he is a keen climber.

Stjohn Goldfinger - commercial director
Stjohn is responsible for letting you know about KidSafe products and services. He also makes sure everything runs smoothly. Problems, solutions and success are ultimately his responsibility. For fun he enjoys running and is often found on the side of a mountain behind Mike.

Dipankar Sarkar - internet developer
Dipankar is a computer science alumni of the New Delhi IIT. If you don't like our website (we hope you do!) just let him know. He enjoys drinking cardamom chai and doing the needful whenever he gets the chance.

Robert Brand - systems architect developer

Product Features:

"Parental Control Centre video preview, click and see!."

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KidSafe UK Keeping Kids Safe Use KidSafe Total Control to help keep your kids safe online

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