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Dark Stalking on Facebook - Paul Fenwick

Posted 2009-09-14T23:39:07Z - 7348 comments

For a while I've been using Facebook's API and Facebook Query Language (FQL) via Perl's WWW::Facebook::API module to run fairly innocent queries on my friends. If I visit a town, I'd like a reminder of who lives there. If I want to go rock-climbing, it helps if I can easily search to see which of my friends share that hobby. This is good, innocent stuff, and makes me glad to be a software developer.

Last week I decided to play with event searches. If a large number of my friends are attending an event, there's a good chance I'll find it interesting, and I'd like to know about it. FQL makes this sort of thing really easy; in fact, finding all your friends' events is on their Sample FQL Queries page.....

Has texting replaced talking for teenagers?

Posted 2009-09-14T13:41:07Z - 5283 comments

If you watch your kids these days you will see they use their mobile phone quite a bit. No they really use it quite a bit. Examining our last mobile bill I saw my teenage daughter had sent and received over 4000 text messages in one month. Having talked with her about this she told me it was nothing special. Nothing special! 4000 messages. I did not ask to see them but I can imagine. Looking into this apparently teenagers with mobiles each send and receive 2,272 text messages a month on average, Nielsen Mobile says.....

Please read our KidSafe parental control whitepaper

Posted 2009-09-11T20:34:16Z - 5391 comments

We have put our parental control software white paper online. Please feel free to download and read it. We have tried to keep it as short as possible. The parental control white paper covers quite a few concepts and ideas that spell out our thoughts and beliefs about helping keep kids safe when using the computer and doing stuff online....

FamilySafe sells kids data

Posted 2009-09-09T13:41:49Z - 5792 comments

An Associated Press report reveals that parental control web-monitoring software products 'Sentry' and 'FamilySafe' from the EchoMetrix company is harvesting data from kids' online chats, This information is used to try and determine their opinions on games, movies, and music. The data is then sold to other companies for advertising purposes.....

Internet providers face child porn crackdown

Posted 2009-09-07T12:29:24Z - 6696 comments

UK Internet service providers that fail to curb child pornography on the web would be criminalised in a crackdown to be introduced in the Queen’s Speech this autumn. The Home Office is drawing up plans for what, in effect, would be the first form of state intervention in Britain in relation to the internet. British ISPs would face heavy fines for failing to block sites containing images of child sexual abuse, according to the contents of a leaked Home Office document. This would appear to be another headline inspired move the is big on words and small on action.

More crazy labour file sharing laws...

Posted 2009-09-07T12:10:27Z - 3741 comments

The present UK labour government are justifying their intentions to turn file sharers into criminals with questionable research commissioned by the music industry. They have taken 136 survey respondents and extrapolated this into 7 million copyright infringers...

Glorious news!

Posted 2009-09-05T21:07:03Z - 11275 comments

This is the KidSafe parental control blog news section. We will be posting all product related developments here. Our first invention was the KidSafe parental control software suite and secure USB key. We have spent the last 2 years making many improvements and adding so many new features to parental control that we are just about to re-launch it. The new software and secure USB key is called 'KidSafe Total Control'. We will start to detail the extra features very soon. The development and testing have almost finished. KidSafe Total Control is shceduled for development within the next four weeks.

KIdSafe at CeBit

Posted 2009-09-05T14:09:16Z - 9158 comments

Moving stuff over from our old blog I found this interesting article Mike wrote about when we displayed our KidSafe parental control software and secure USB key at the CeBit show in Hannover Germany. I thought I would put it online here so anybody who is interested might get an idea what it like to attend the show or take a stand and display a product. We had a great time and will certainly do it again!

Download the pdf document here: KidSafe parental control software at CeBit!

Total Control software install and management interface

Posted 2009-08-28T16:59:08Z - 9600 comments

Watch the video to see how the Total Control software works. You get to check out the management interface and view all the cool new features I will detail here soon...

Twitter sucks! Find us on Twitter....

Posted 2009-08-28T10:14:38Z - 9040 comments

For the last 12 months I have been telling people Twitter sucks. Who wants to know what you had for breakfast or when you last went to the toilet? ......

Total Control software preview

Posted 2009-08-27T23:32:10Z - 4446 comments

We have made a video capture showing some of the Total Control software features. Expect more to come soon....

Are social networking sites damaging your child's brain?

Posted 2009-08-25T22:55:56Z - 12109 comments

Susan Greenfield, a professor of synaptic pharmacology at Lincoln college Oxford and director of the Royal Institution warns social networking sites are changing children's brains. The result of which is selfish young people who struggle to concentrate for longer than a few minutes. Her research has led her to believe....

UK Government wants to criminalise file sharing!

Posted 2009-08-25T16:32:48Z - 9692 comments

After meeting with Hollywood film supremo David Geffen one of our great leaders has decided to get tough on file sharing. As announced in June, the enforcement regime will be run by Ofcom. But under the revised timescale proposals....

Twitter to track users via GPS?

Posted 2009-08-25T16:06:25Z - 4369 comments

Twitter developers are now working on a GPS tracking system that will provide accurate information on your whereabouts (or your kids).....

Facebook and the cyber bullies! Yeah but no but yeah..

Posted 2009-08-25T15:55:23Z - 7882 comments

Keeley Houghton became the first person in the UK to be sent to prison yesterday for cyber bullying. After constantly hounding her victim (Emily Moore) with threats on Facebook and Bebo a message was finally left claiming she was 'going to murder that bitch'....

Buying KidSafe Total Control - making online transactions

Posted 2009-08-25T14:55:14Z - 10096 comments

We are presently setting up our e-commerce facility and will be ready to accept online orders when the KIdSafe Total control product goes live. We use Protx Sagepay as the payment gateway......

Whats the KidSafe news!

Posted 2009-08-24T12:42:24Z - 14987 comments

The KidSafe 'Total Contro'l security key and software have been in development for the last three years. After we made the 'Parental Control' product and showcased it at the Cebit......

Product Features:

"Parental Control Centre video preview, click and see!."

Buy KidSafe Total Control, You can buy KidSafe Total Control for £29.

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