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Internet providers face child porn crackdown

Posted 2009-09-07T12:29:24Z - 7233 comments

UK Internet service providers that fail to curb child pornography on the web would be criminalised in a crackdown to be introduced in the Queen’s Speech this autumn. The Home Office is drawing up plans for what, in effect, would be the first form of state intervention in Britain in relation to the internet. British ISPs would face heavy fines for failing to block sites containing images of child sexual abuse, according to the contents of a leaked Home Office document. This would appear to be another headline inspired move the is big on words and small on action.

More crazy labour file sharing laws...

Posted 2009-09-07T12:10:27Z - 3755 comments

The present UK labour government are justifying their intentions to turn file sharers into criminals with questionable research commissioned by the music industry. They have taken 136 survey respondents and extrapolated this into 7 million copyright infringers...

UK Government wants to criminalise file sharing!

Posted 2009-08-25T16:32:48Z - 10163 comments

After meeting with Hollywood film supremo David Geffen one of our great leaders has decided to get tough on file sharing. As announced in June, the enforcement regime will be run by Ofcom. But under the revised timescale proposals....

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