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Presently we are concentrating our distribution efforts within the UK market. We believe 'KidSafe Total Control software and USB Key' has excellent international sales potential. Possible international distribution agents should be prepared to translate the software into their own language and keep updated a local country KidSafe website that we will create.  We will provide contracts including non-disclosure agreements and set out the terms with which we will work with you. After agreeing and signing contracts we will sell you demonstration units of 'KidSafe Total Control software and USB key' so that you can start meeting with potential customers. We will work together with our distribution agents to provide them with as much support as is necessary. It is expected they will reach a high degree of autonomy. We hope to pool experience and develop new marketing strategies going forward. If you would like to talk with us about becoming distribution agent please contact:

Stjohn Goldfinger
telephone: 0044 (0)7799647824
timezone: London GMT

Product Features:

"Parental Control Centre video preview, click and see!."

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