Total Control

KidSafe Total Control software and secure USB key

KidSafe Total Control software and secure USB key lets you effectively control when and how your computer is used by the whole family.

How does KidSafe Total Control work?
KidSafe Total Control works just like the keys to your car. Install the software onto your computer and put your secure KidSafe key into the USB port when asked to do so. Your key is now linked to your computer with a unique encrypted code. When the computer is started you will need your key to access the KidSafe control center, it’s that simple.
The KidSafe Total Control software can only be removed from your computer by using your key or the secret uninstall code which is generated when you install the application. This means it cannot be removed without your knowledge. Keep the key safe and you can be sure your kids are not using the computer without your approval or supervision. KidSafe Total Control will let you control your kids use of the computer. Quite simply it puts you back in control.
The KidSfe Total Control software and secure USB key features summary:
All Settings, configuration and event logging are accessed via the secure KidSafe control centre.
Our unique secure USB key controls access to the KidSafe control centre. No key no access, no sneaky changes.
Malware protection and file system scanning is enabled automatically upon installation of the software. Stop the kids installing spyware, malware and restricted games or applications and keep your computer healthy.
Our setup wizard makes profile creation for each family member as easy as possible. Run through the questions and customise as and when necessary.
Block, limit or restrict all application launching. Web browsers, chat/internet messaging clients and games can all be restricted if necessary and easily linked to each family member profile.
Block or restrict web site access via white lists or our intelligent content filters which you can customise as necessary and link to each profile.
Limit total time online or computer usage and set up restriction policies based on date, time or a combination of them all.
Monitor internet activity – times and usage and reports.
Stop, block and report if necessary file sharing applications running on the system.
Report and log any rule breaking attempts. All such instances can be sent to the detailed event log and viewed via reports. Alerts can be sent via email if necessary.
You can enable of disable logging and alerts to suit your requirements. Event logging can be fine tuned or turned off.
Different Profiles for each user – a unique activity profile for every computer user. The needs of each family member are not the same.