KidSafe parental control software and secure USB key is a great new product. Please check the KidSafe blog for all the latest news, features and information!

Our latest invention is ‘KidSafe Total Control’. It is an easy to use yet very powerful parental control software suite that will allow you to say exactly how the computer (our your childs computer) is used. With the Total Control software and the secure KidSafe USB key you can decide when and how your kids use the computer. You keep the key so you control the computer. Put the key into the USB port and you have access to the KidSafe control centre, here you can easily setup how you want the computer to be used. You can restrict application launching and duration, filter internet trafic or check out what they get up to  by looking at the secure event logger if you decide that is necessary. We believe it is the most powerfull parental control software suite available.

Here are some of the ‘KidSafe parental control software and secure USB key’ features:

  • Settings, configuration and event logging  are accessed via the control centre.
  • Our secure USB key controls access to the control centre. No key no access.
  • Malware protection and file system scanning is enabled upon software installation. Stop the kids loading spyware, malware and games or restricted apps and keep your computer healthy.
  • Our setup wizard makes profile creation easy. Run through the questions and customise if needed.
  • Application blocking, limit or restrict all applications. Web browsers, chat/internet messaging clients and games can all be restricted and linked to each family members secure profile.
  • Web filtering and content filtering. Block or restrict web site access via whitelist, blacklist or use our intelligent content filters which you can customise to suit.
  • Limit total time online or computer usage and set up restriction policies based on date, time or a combination of them all.
  • Monitor internet usage and activity with times and reports.
  • Stop, block and report file sharing applications running on the system. Report and log any rule breaking attempts. All such instances can be sent to the detailed event log and viewed via reports.
  • Alerts can be sent via email. You can enable of disable logging and alerts to suit your needs.
  • Event logging can be fine tuned or turned off.
  • Different secure profiles for each user – a unique activity profile for every computer user. All needs are not the same.